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16th Jan 2011, Infinity Nokia BEST update Added standalone Sl1/Sl2 simlock repair

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BEST Ver. 1.14 Released

Discussion HERE

- Added standalone Sl1/Sl2 simlock repair

- Improved Infineon Unlock ( C1-00 supported/tested )

- Added S40 (all generations : 2,3,5,6) SMS/MMS reading/Restoring !!! Unique

SMS/MMS can be readed as text, or a backup package and restored after flash/reset/erase

Supported USB for now only, in next versions will be added FBUS support too

- Fixed some model detection/operation select bugs for BB5 (repair/unlock not enabled)

- USB flashing fixed

- UFS support improved

- fixed sw version check

- other small bugfixes

- Nokia Infineon support improved

- Infineon flashing improved

- Infineon "check" improved

- After flash options added (chk/read, FactorySet)

- Some improvements in phone connection/detection

- Added some hints for flashing/booting/unlocking problems

- "Check" option improved for BB5 (USB/FBUS)

- Some cosmetic changes

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