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Ary Braga

Martech Analyzer V00.04

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Martech Analyzer V00.04

Firmware v 00.04 has been supplemented with:

- amendments in energy governing PowerDown mode_

- amendments within Discharge Mode

- functions of evoking Lit battery chemistry (Review) in the area of Charging Mode

- Batteries of Lit chemistry are fitted with supervising links work electronics

- Those systems, among others protect the lin ks against their discharging

It is stated that allowed discharging threshold is 3V per one link-

- after exceeding this threshold, the battery electronics disconects the battery exit, which results as a zero voltage of such a battery

Some batteries have got electronics which limits the link possibilities which results strongly lowered initial voltage.

Such batteries are able to stillbe used, they sould only be stimulated in a proper way.

How do the stimulating links functions work?- Reviev in PB243: PB 243 Analyzer as a standard, after detecting too low amperage or lack

of battery, shows the following info:"Too Low Battery Voltage"

"Check Battery Connection"- in case of connecting battery with cramps in incorrect way

Posted Image

or " Discharging Error"Check Battery Settings"- in cas eof coonecting wrong battery type

Posted Image

In a lowe verse of alerts:

"Press Flash to Reviev..."

"Press Esc to exit mode..."

The same messages may appear if we have the battery demanding stimulation

At this point, if we are not sure of correct battery connection as well as correct settings, we press the upper button with a

charging icon (Flash)- and the process of stimulation will start, which is going to be confirmed with a message ""Reviving Process".

Posted Image

The reviving proces take splace until the battery voltage reaches the value of at least 3V/ link with an amperage between the range of 50...250mA.

The reviving process has been qdeveloped due to links security.

After reaching the voltage threshold, the analyzer will conduct the usual charging cycle with the parameters declared in Settings window.

Empirical research show that the whole reviving process is different and it depends on links condition, although it has never lasted longer than 12 minutes.

We advise against the battery reviving using" short connection" method, uncontrolled electricity results in ofen damages of battery chemistry.

Because we owe a limited amount of damaged batteries, we ask for opinions regarding analyzer functioning.

All your remarks as well as suggestions ae welcomed at or at a suitable section on our forum

Best Regards

Martech Team

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