Cyclone DREAM Released! FBUS2USB, TurboCache, Infineon XGold Imei, Loaders & more...

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proudly presents

Cyclone Box Installer v1.10

What's new?

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- First in the world - Infineon XGold IMEI Backup/Restore added

- New BB5 FBUS/USB Loaders v10.34.1 introduced

- BB5 USB Flashing module rewritten, supports new Flashing Type: FUR USB - using FBUS loaders on USB. Is possible now to do also RPL write, Cert's read/write/erase, using just USB cable. Full FBUS protocol emulation over USB supported!


- FBUS2USB RAP4 Support

- FBUS2USB Broadcomm Support

- Broadcomm platform flashing added (Nokia X2,....)

- 6700,E52 and other RAPunistore Booting fixed (Wrong First Char Received)

- SL3 Simlock RPL Write Introduced

- DCT4/BB5 Flash TurboCache added, increasing flashing speed a bit

- The Profile Bits is now analyzed before SL3 Unlock (it will not submit job if phone have blocked NCK unlocking - i.e. Telcel Mexico units)

- New NCK unlocking method for SL2 phones introduced (with latest MCU SW versions)

- Added Autologging (operation logs are stored in StoredFiles)

- Added USB Full RPL Backup (NPC,CCC,HWC,Simlock,WMDRM,etc)

- Added StatusBar in Nokia Tool, displaying current Task/Mobile attached

- DCC Camera Repair added for module NI00BC0000030102F201

- DCC Camera Repair added for module ISL3TI0200000C000002

- DCC Camera Repair added for module IS00TI0200000C208A03

- DCC Camera Repair added for module IS00TI02000001022B04

- DCC Camera Repair added for module 86000300010401022B04

- DCC Camera Repair added for module 8600030001040C208A03

- DCC Camera Repair added for module 86L10300010406260004

- DCC Camera Repair added for module 86L10300010406260000

- DCC Camera Repair added for module 86L103000104094C1003

- Refactorized GUI thread problems

- Improved stability of Blackberry calculator

- Improved flashing speed with Skins Enabled

- Added detailed Action Statusbar

- Added CBUS StatusBar, indicates "---->" on USB Transmit, "

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