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🐙 Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.3.8 is out! 🐙

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Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.3.8 Release Notes:

???? Added "Reset FRP" for the following devices:
  • Accent Cameleon C6 (thanks to Mr. a.celal)
  • Alcatel Ideal Xcite (OT-5044R) (thanks to Mr. mr.luckytarun)
  • Alcatel Pixi 4 (4.5) (OT-4060O) (thanks to Mr. elisir)
  • Archos 101 Access 3G V2 (AC101AS3GV2) (thanks to Mr. mmanduri)
  • Asus ZenFone AR ZS571KL (A002) (thanks to Mr. marcopai)
  • BLU Vivo ONE (thanks to Mr. icecube1982)
  • BQ Aquaris X5 Plus
  • Caterpillar CAT S60 (thanks to Mr. JorgeVla and to Mr. Jankovic)
  • Cherry Mobile Cosmos Three (thanks to Mr. rapidfire_24)
  • Cherry Mobile Flare J2s (thanks to Mr. icecube1982)
  • Condor Allure M2 (SP-617) (thanks to Mr. rebainoor)
  • Condor Plume P8 Pro (SP-621) (thanks to Mr. rebainoor)
  • Cubot R9
  • Cubot Rainbow 2 (thanks to Mr. genci titi 2002)
  • Doogee X6 (thanks to Mr. Xaker2012)
  • Ergo A550 Maxx (thanks to Mr. Xaker2012)
  • GiONEE S6 (thanks to Mr. DZ-DEVELOPER)
  • GiONEE S6s (thanks to Mr. DZ-DEVELOPER)
  • Gravity X55L (thanks to Mr. himig_natin)
  • Itel A15 (thanks to Mr. wagonstev and to Mr. Arnoldsp)
  • Itel S31 (thanks to Mr. wagonstev)
  • Lenovo Tab 3 (TB3-730X) (thanks to Mr. Surtax)
  • Manta Titano 1 (MSP95012) (thanks to Mr. Xaker2012)
  • Maxcom Smart MS514 (thanks to Mr. Smart144)
  • Micromax Canvas Spark 2 Plus (Q350) (thanks to Mr. muskaangarg)
  • MLS iQTlak DX (iQS300) (thanks to Mr. DroidLab)
  • MLS iQTalk Top (iQ1452) (thanks to Mr. Dr_Wolodya)
  • Mobistel Cynus E7
  • MTC Smart Surf 2 4G (thanks to Mr. Surtax)
  • Nomi Evo X1 (i5031) (thanks to Mr. Alexbig)
  • Oukitel U7 Max (thanks to Mr. alminkad)
  • Oysters T102MS 3G (thanks to Mr. Surtax)
  • QMobile i6 Metal 2017 (thanks to Mr. Ismail khan1978)
  • Reeder M7 Plus (thanks to Mr. a.celal)
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930A) (Combination method)
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935A) (Combination method)
  • Tecno CA6 (thanks to Mr. Arnoldsp)
  • Tecno L9 Plus (thanks to Mr. lyes_albert)
  • Tecno W1 (thanks to Mr. wagonstev)
  • Tecno W4 (thanks to Mr. wagonstev)
  • Tesla SP3.3 (thanks to Mr. DroidLab)
  • VKWorld S8 (thanks to Mr. gsmanam)
  • Vodafone Smart Speed (VF-795) (thanks to Mr. Dr_Wolodya)
  • Wiko Lenny 3 Max (thanks to Mr. DZ-DEVELOPER)
  • Wileyfox Spark (thanks to Mr. smit29rus)
  • X-Tigi V4 (thanks to Mr. wagonstev)
  • Xiaomi Redmi 3 (thanks to Mr. genci titi 2002)
  • Xiaomi Redmi 5 (thanks to Mr. Surtax)
  • ZTE Axon 7 Mini (B2017G) (thanks to Mr. Dr_Wolodya)
  • ZTE Blade A310 (thanks to Mr. janda)
  • ZTE Trek 2 HD (K88) (thanks to Mr. Cristina714)
???? Improved "Reset FRP" for the following devices:
  • Altice Starnaute 4 (thanks to Mr. trike1984)
  • Greentel X1 (thanks to Mr. naje)
  • Vertex Impress Luck (thanks to Mr. Surtax)
???? New Samsung combination firmwares were uploaded into the Support Area
???? All supported operations are described in details in Software manual (Help button in Software)

More info and discussion are HERE
Octoplus Box Team

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