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Special Samsung Galaxy S No Download Mode Clip Powered by GPGIndustries

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Special Samsung Galaxy S No Download Mode Clip Ready for delivery!

This tiny clip is for the situation where your phone is not booting and the three-button combo for getting into download mode is not working for some reason, and you have tried all the other solutions in the FAQ. It won't help you if you can already get into download mode but something else is going wrong with the flashing process, for example you can't get Odin to communicate with the phone.

If the phone's bootloader is still intact, that is you see at least the white Galaxy S/Samsung/AT&T logo or the "PC ! Phone" logo on the screen, you should be able to force it into download mode by connecting a homemade jig that simulates the Samsung "Anyway" field test jig. You can make this jig using a micro USB plug and a resistor.

If your phone screen is always black, that is it does not display the white Galaxy S/Samsung/AT&T logo when you switch it on, then sorry, this jig will not help you.

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How to Use

1. Make sure the phone is fully switched off by pulling the battery, waiting 5 minutes, then replacing the battery. Do not switch the phone on.

2. Connect the rigged USB plug to the phone. Try not to touch the pins on the back of the plug or the resistor(s) as you are plugging it in, as your skin resistance could affect the resistor value seen by the phone. You do not need to press the power button. After a few seconds the phone should go into download mode.

3. Disconnect the rigged USB plug and connect a regular USB cable from your PC to the phone, then you should be able to flash using Odin.

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