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Falcon Box / Miracle Key 4.0 Released 18TH JUNE 2018

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Miracle Falcon Box
4.0 Released on 18TH JUNE 2018
Support Also Miracle Key Activation Users

Falcon Multi Brand Exclusive Tool

:What News Inside :

[+] Auto Server Autorization when you open Module
[+] Lumia FFu Extraction
[+] Extract All Partitions from Ffu Package
[+] Write Product Code While Flashing
[+] Factory Reset While Flashing
[+] Read Full Information in Download Mode
[+] Improved Ffu Writer in Download Mode
[+] Oppo Ofp Extractor
[+] Extract OFP Firmware Package New Id added (beta)
[+] Improved Asus Raw Fw Writer
[+] Zte Module Improved Internal Loaders Database
[+] Support for Network unlock and repair in adb mode
[+] Improved Ftm Method 3 Imei repair
[+] Fixed Security Backup zip Restore
[+] Calculator Tab Fixed

More Features will be added in coming versions..........



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