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SRS Update 10.0.28, new models like T669b and more.. see inside :)

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SRS Update 07-11-2010

SRS Samsung Module: (Pack1)

- Add Auto Learning for Omap series

- World First Unlock support for T669b from Bell

- Add unlock for A927, I8700 E2152, E1080i, E1252, E1086L

- Add Free FAST USERCODE Reading over normal USB modem port

- Auto Restart Swift/Sysol series after read codes in TAT

- Auto Restart Swift/Sysol series after read codes in BOOT

- Improved unlock speed Omap/ Swift/ and Sysol Series

- Updated flashloaders.

- Fixed Several small bugs reported by users

- Added 100+GB of new data to support servers

New Session 11/1/2010 1:20:37 PM Version: 10.0.27 Phone: T669

1:20:30 PM - Reading phone at 921600bps

1:20:30 PM - Model: SGH-T669B

1:20:30 PM - Original Firmware: T669BBMJF8 (June 2010)

1:20:30 PM - IMEI: 35388904000****

1:20:31 PM - Received EntryPoint from Server..

1:20:31 PM - Reading Security...

1:20:33 PM - Getting crypto data from server, Please Wait...

- Unfreeze: 16037381 + OK (State: Not Frozen)

- Unlock Network: #7465625*638*95946175#

- Unlock SP Lock: #7465625*77*00000000#

- Unlock Sub Lock: #7465625*782*00000000#

-- Operation done in 8 seconds --

you can discuss this update in SRS section at GSMHosting


Make sure your download latest client from:

Unlock Samsung Online - Remote Unlock Server EN - Samsung Simlock Removal



soon more....

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GSM Hosting, the largest forum of the World


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