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HWK Release 15/10/2010

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Release Date: 15/10/2010

The Official release is ready in our download area


If the HWK is a "TRIAL" or affected by 3rd party tools, this software may not work properly, so use at your own risk.

LG_GSM v (HWK Required)


1. Added NSCK,SPCK,CCK,SIM codes Display for GS10x

UFS_SAMs v2.0.10.6



X427 added (DUNL,IM,FL)


M2520 added (UNL,CUNL,IM,FL)

Display of USER LOCK Key for All Models.


E2550,E2550D,E2558 added (UNL,SECT,IM)


1.Chinese Versions E2550Zxxx select as E2558 for UNL,SECT,IM.

2.E255x PRAM Flashing not Supported yet, use Original Flasher.

B3410C,E2510C,S5050C added (UNL,IM,FL)

Note: Chinese Versions B3410Zxxx select as B3410C.


C3300D,C3300K,C3303,C3303K added (UNL,SECT,IM,FL) use 530Kom Cable.


E1160-DX,E1220,E2120i,E2120L,E2121,E1252,E2121B,E2210T,E 2152,

E2370 added (CUNL,PUNL,PIM,FL)

Note: Mixing of DX MEA SEA Models causes Blinking or Dead Sets.

[Restart] Button now Exit TAT mode with Battery.

Auto Exit from TAT Mode when Flashing, not need

Cable or Battery Reconnect after UI functions (Info,IM,..)


J808,S5550,S5550U added (CUNL,SECT,FL)

B7722,B7732 DUOS added (CUNL,SECT,FL) Flashing only Master Part.

C3630C,C3730C,S3930C TD-SCDMA added (FL) use 530Kom Cable.


A657,A887,A897,M7600L,S5530,T559 added.


A697,B3410W added (FL,CUNL,UNFR,BRP)

S5250,S5253,S530,S5333 added (FL)

Boot Repair Enabled for All Broadcom models, use 530Kom Cable.

Some Models have encrypted Boot2.img and don't have uart_boot,

for these models use our released Boot_Repair packs.

Note: S562x with OneNand Flash Chip, Cannot be Repaired.

Added Unlock support(CUNL) for Hidden Sysinfo models (S5560,..)

if have no succes in SysInfo search, need ReFlash, to have untrashed FS


Reduced/Full Log of TFS file list progress for OM/Swift.

Improved FileOpen dialog, to Override suggested path

to last used on same model.

Used Abbrevations List can be seen at the Bottom of this page.


Samsung B7722 How to Rev.1

Samsung C3300_C3303 How to Rev.1

Samsung S523x Warning Rev.1

Samsung S7070 How to Rev.1

Samsung Swift-Aerofone MSL3 Models How to Rev.1

Many thanks to all those who have supported us!!!


Official SarasSoft Rapidshare Mirrors:-

Clan GSM, the Best of Brazil Forum

GSM Hosting, the largest forum of the World

Union of the best and strongest.

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