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Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.62 released - many improvements

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Postado 25 maro 2013 - 14:40

Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.62 released

- USB flashing improved
- Fixed ancient AfterFlash bugs
- Improved Maemo/MeeGo flashing

- Revised UFS support (Flashing/Service)

- Service operations improved
- Restore SL improved, added some new types

- User Data operations improved
- Added S40 Forensic mode
- Allow extract PhoneBook from completely Damaged/Destroyed FS (When stadard method stuck/not work)
- Allow extract PhoneBook EVEN after DELETE it from phone menu*
- Allow extract PhoneBook EVEN after FullFactory RESET (Via Phone Settings or extrernal SW)*
- Allow extract "missed" Numbers on minor FS damages
- Also extract "Last Calls" list into separate csv file
- Extract PhoneBook to VCF/CSV/Full VCF/S4pb formats
Limitations :
- * in cases, marked with star - try read phone soon, as possible after it, more sw starts - less chances
- It Will NOT help in FORMAT FS case
- It Will NOT help after FLASH ERASE
- it Will NOT help after Content Flash
- Improved S60 forensic mode ( data accuracy )
- Improved XG213 PhoneBook extraction from dead phones
- Damaged XG213 FS support improved

- Other
- Ini revised
- Stuff files updated
- Some interface changes
- Added new WP8 products
- Added new BB5/XG products
- Some bugfixes and improvements at all
- Provider List updated

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